About Us
Nepal Digital. Surmount the challenges and surpass expectations.
We craft digital solutions across all the platforms. Our dedicated team of creative designers & developers work together to create engaging digital experiences. Developing responsive websites for all devices and resolutions, whether computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phones, we make sure all websites are presented optimally. We define the strengths, goals and target audience. We work together to develop a schedule and communication strategy.
We take pride in delivering only the best, whether we produce our own projects or we deliver digital solutions for others. We are a digital studio, and will produce our own projects, both on the web, but also for Windows phones, Iphone and Android platforms. During the building of our firm we will deliver solutions for clients, but our main focus is to produce our own projects and help "start ups" to realise their dreams with Nepal Digital as a strong partner, guide and solution provider.

"Strive for perfection"

Every religion teaches us to strive for perfection and do good work. It is a creed that I and my team at Nepal Digital IT believe in.

We know that we are not yet the best, but as a small, young business we know that we have to climb step by step and strive for that perfection, yes there will be challenges along the way but we expect to overcome them all using our creative solutions and determination.

It has always been my dream to reach the summit and guide others to strive for perfection, since obtaining my degree in Computer Science and becoming MD of Nepal Digital I have been fortunate to have been able to help my team and customers along the path. We still have a way to go before we reach the summit and as most mountaineers know there are always more summits higher and more daunting on the horizon. This is what keeps me going, knowing that I can guide my growing team, partners and customers to greater success.

I hope that whether you are a “Start-up” needing a guide, an established organisation, a dedicated professional that you will join with me and my team and together we can reach these peaks and achieve perfection in our work and our lives.

As partners we understand the need to dream to listen and to share. It is a very important part of my philosophy to always be available. I can be contacted at bishwa@nepaldigital.com; good ideas, suggestions and feedback are always appreciated.

I hope, we as a team from Nepal Digital, will get a lot of support from friends and other companies who believe in quality rather than quantity and together we can all strive for perfection in our work.

Bishwa Ram Chaudhari Managing Director